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#OO4 | The Keypad Issue

In this post we'll talk about the issue with the Keypad and how we're planning to fix it.

In Chapter 1, Bum is seen at his last attempt to break into Sangu's house. He had apparently been stalking him for "a couple of months due to his irregular pattern" and during this time he had been watching Sangu leave and enter the house in order to find the best time to try and break in. On this day he came equipped with some powder and a list of codes he had been trying. Here are the problems:


Bum takes out a bag of white powder and throws it at the keypad to check for evidence of Sangu's fingermarks. He then takes out a pre-written list of all the possibilities that the 4 numbers could make up, he's crossed out the codes he's already tried for the past 2 months.

Why would he use powder to see which numbers were pressed the most if he already had the list of codes in his pocket? Was this supposed to be a flashback? There is no indication that this was a past event as immediately after, we see Bum pull the paper out of his pocket, in the same clothes, with the same weather, at the same time of day.

This was illogical and used for dramatic effect in my opinion. But we're resolving this by showing the 'throwing powder at the keypad' moment as an actual flashback in a different part of the episode so that when we're at the present day he'll just have his list of codes with him and not the powder. A simple rearrange of events fixes this issue. Then what about the powder? he'd have to be very careful to wipe it off so he doesn't accidentally press any buttons and cause the keypad to lock. I'll have to have Bum get cotton swabs and delicately remove the powder from the keypad the day he does this.


In Chapter 1 when we see a close up of the paper, we see that Bum has written down all the number combination possibilities based on the results of the powder.

This piece of paper was used as the 'representative image' for the start of each chapter. As you can see below Koogi replicated the same 4 combinations for the entire piece of paper. My theory is that she wanted to paint Bum in this colour of obsession by showing a large amount of attempts at cracking the code, but now that we've seen it's just a repeated number, it looks a bit silly.

Now you may be thinking 'but she needed a larger area of paper/numbers to fit the Killing Stalking logo on, who cares if she replicated a few numbers just for the cover image?'

Well it was this that made us double-check the paper used in the actual manhwa.

Now you may be also thinking 'ok but he suffers with a lot, including severe malnutrition, this can cause you to be forgetful and he probably didn't realise he wrote the combination down the same a few times'

And that's a valid thought, but think about it, Bum has nothing else in his life but this. This is his gospel and his ticket to getting closer to his 'favourite person'... there's no way with all the free time he has that he would've made a mistake on something so important. I can picture him sitting on his dirty mattress writing down the combination possibilities and after he's finished with the list he'd double, triple, quadruple check them before going out into the field to test them. Maybe this was another little mistake by Koogi?

So how do you explain this then?

Bum knew that the code was something with 4 numbers, those 4 numbers were 2, 4, 5 and 8.

There are only 24 possible combinations for 2,4,5,8. So Koogi was way off with writing 60 combinations... again I think this was for dramatic effect but in the animation we're not going to blur the paper like she did in the manhwa, so it would be a little unprofessional and illogical to have the same numbers repeat on the paper. Why would Bum write and cross out the same codes he's already tried? We solved this issue by designing a new piece of paper with the correct combination list.

Here's the real-life reference that we created based on the new logic. We used this for the STORYBOARD PREVIEW VIDEO and will use it for the 3D animated series too.


With Bum stalking Sangu so closely and carefully, wouldn't he have heard the sound of the keypad? there are loads of places to hide in the run-down and abandoned street, there are walls, cars, huge bins ect. so I would've imagined Bum sitting in an empty bin by Sangu's house and waiting until he left so he could hear the sound of the keypad and hear how many times he pressed the buttons. Why would Bum know that it was a 4 number code? this means he was going on the fact that there were only 4 keys used the most when he checked for finger marks. So then how would he know to press # at the end? is this a common thing in South Korean keypad systems? I have to do a lot of extra research because I can't really trust Koogi's choices since she has made so many illogical ones in her manhwa.

Bum entered the code incorrectly 5 times and the voice confirmed that he had 'pressed the combination 5 times'.

Usually, the whole point of a voice telling you that you've reached the limit of incorrect attempts is to protect people from breaking in and stop them from having an unlimited amount of tries. If this was one of the cheaper keypad systems that didn't have a limit then it wouldn't have a voice to tell the person that they've reached it.

So this is the kind of keypad system that lets the home owner know if there have been a number of incorrect attempts. How would Bum know what the limit was? he would've had to test that out one day and once he found out the limit by mistake or on purpose, the would mean that when Sangu came back home, he would've had to reset the code.

With Sangu being a murderer and having dealt with corpses and evidence in his own home, if he saw that the code was incorrectly typed in, even just once, that would make him suspicious and either change the code or change the system all together for a higher security one.

So as you can see, even the smallest of mistakes Koogi's made has big consequences when converting this world and events to a 3D environment. We're working hard to figure out all the solutions to all the problems we've discovered.

I will keep this Progression Blog updated with a new post every month. I hope you find some interest in this information 'behind the scenes' of the production. Thank you again for supporting my work and the chAosOPUS STUDIO ~ ¬mOss 🍄