• mOss


So far, protagonists Oh Sangwoo and Yoon Bum are in the Work In Progress stage. They are fleshed out, painted, rigged and weighted. They're still WIP not only because they don't have any hair (though Sangwoo really suits a crew cut) but because they still need to be stylised. Their feet and hands are a basic shape at the moment but I'd like to give them a touch of exaggeration to move away from the 'realistic human being' look. I'm going for a happy medium between Koogi's iconic style and real-life.

They also have basic eyebrow textures on their faces right now, it's bad enough that they're bald we couldn't have them without eyebrows, but these will be replaced with individual hair strands for eyebrows and head-hair.

I'm working on a little animation of Sangwoo being intimate with Bum in a dominant manner. This is for testing purposes as well as practice, I'm going to be animating every move of every character and in 3D or 2D animation you may have an actor for reference but you're still the one pulling the strings. These days with Motion-Capture Suits actors can put them on and animate the 3D characters that way, it records their movement and all you need to do as an animator is clean up any faults. But I find the joy in the animating process and bringing characters to life is what I enjoy the most about my work, so I'm going to animate them by hand. (It would be pretty awkward to hire actors to act out the scenes from the manhwa anyway. Can you imagine that?)

The talented Kuyalaw VA is going to voice Sangwoo and Bum for the short just to give it a little extra life, maybe you'll be so distracted by Sangwoo's moaning that you'll forget they don't have hair yet ~