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(PART 1)


Now the player is on a stolen bike on the train tracks. They can perform tricks on the track heading towards the location Thomas is leading them to. The player can control the speed of the bike with the keys:

AFAFAFAF - Speed, Timeout detection between pattern of pressed keys determines speed of animation/bike

SPACE - Jump, Height dependant on speed?

Right-Click - Change Gear

Speed Control - 0 STOP / 1 SLOW / 2 FAST / 3 TRICKS

Tricks on the bike:

Speed >Jump

Speed > Grind the Tracks

Bunnyhop Jump > Grind the Tracks

Wheely > Bunnyhop Jump


Keith and Thomas finally arrive at the warehouse. They both break-in through the gates of the carpark and approach the warehouse.

Keith: 'Yo Tom, I thought we were going to a den, this is a fuckin' playground'

Thomas: 'This is better than a den man! It's like a mansion and it's all ours!'

Keith: 'How d'you know no one's livin' in there already?'

Thomas: 'I scouted it a few days ago, nothing but arcades 'n' machines' *excited/crazy small laughter*

Keith: 'What? there's no way the arcades still work, wasn't this the place where the owner killed himself in his office? it's been shut down for like.. 8 years'

Thomas: 'They will work I swear! I know where the power switches are.. This is gonna be sweet as! Man!'

Keith: 'Tch.. You owe me for this..'

Thomas: *laughter* Don't you worry, I'll pay you back double’

Keith: 'Asshole...'

Thomas: 'Help me with this door man, it's a little tight' Keith: 'I thought you said you liked it tight' Thomas: 'Don't make me kick your ass again!!' Keith: 'I can't believe we're doing this..' Thomas: 'Doing what?' Keith: 'Fuckin' chillin at a kids warehouse! I don't think this is a good idea.. You said that we wer-' Thomas: 'If you wanna be a pussy and leave then I'll meet you tomorrow' Keith: 'If you get your ass into some kind of trouble I'm not bailing you out again' Thomas: 'Chill the fuck out, have a cig, then find somethin' to smash this damn door open would ya? .... jesus'

Keith: 'That's not the only thing I'm gonna smash tonight' (Spoken to himself)

NEW OBJECTIVE: Smoke to calm yourself down.

A text box appears showing the player how to 'smoke'. Smoking will help the player to 'calm down' ; regain visual stability and navigational control of the player. If the players stress levels go up (eg. indicated by the redness enveloping the border of the screen) then smoking will calm them down. If the player smokes too fast then they will feel 'sick'. There is a timer on how long you have to smoke the cigarette as it burns down in real-time.


-EXTRA- Once the player picks up the crowbar, they have the option to go back to the carpark and smash up a car (destructible mesh windows), instead of open the door straight away. If the player enters the radius of the car then Thomas will be triggered to say:

'C'mon man, stop fucking around' and/or 'Listen, if you don't get your sweet little ass here NOW I'm gonna knock you out' After the player has destroyed the windows, they can reach inside the car, there is a packet of cigarettes on the car seat, Keith finds 3 extra cigarettes and puts them in his pocket. (A hommage to S:YotD Agent9 Ninja Mission, secret gun stuck to the top wall in the Fireworks Factory mini level)


Keith decides to stay and look around the warehouse with Thomas. Thomas tells Keith to find something to break the chains holding the door handles together so they can enter the building. To the far right of the carpark there is a crowbar which Keith picks up.

NEW OBJECTIVE: Find something to open the door. NEW OBJECTIVE: Try hitting the door.

Thomas walks away from the door to the left and comes back with a few small pins and unlocks the door from the keyhole. They both enter the building, Thomas notices a power box behind the desk, he goes to it to turn on the power for the building but when he looks closer he sees that it's missing a fuse. He tells Keith to look for the fuse so they can turn on the lights and power up the place.

Thomas: 'UGHH FUCK! the main fuse is missing.. we can't turn on the power without it.. Hey go into... that room there and look for it would ya?' KEITH: 'Why do I have to find it?' Thomas: 'cause I fucking told you to, now GO!' KEITH: 'Prick' Thomas: 'WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME?!' KEITH: 'You're hearing things mate!' Thomas: 'Yeah yeah.. you'll regret that tonight' KEITH: *laughs*

NEW OBJECTIVE: Find the missing fuse for Thomas. NEW OBJECTIVE: Give the fuse to Thomas.

Keith goes to walk into the Manager's office and he finds the fuse on the floor by the door, he picks it up and walks back to Thomas. After Thomas gets the fuse he puts it into the circuit and switches on the power. The lights come on and the main theme of WackoWarehouse plays through the speaker system for a few seconds then everything pops and the lights go out, the music stops playing and everything goes dark except for the emergency bulbs which have now turned on. It's that power-overload that turns on the back-up generators in the basement now giving low power to everything. After the power short circuits you will hear a eerie collection of sounds, some coming from the basement and others from the room you're in, you hear a bunch of mechanical sounds which unease you. Thomas: *laughter* 'That doesn't sound good does it?' Keith: 'Mate how can you be calm right now? what the hell was that?' Thomas: 'Looks like we're trapped in here' Keith: 'Wh-what d'you mean trapped?! trouble just follows you everywhere dunnit? I knew this was a fuckin' mistake' Thomas: 'Well sometimes, especially with old structures like these, there's a back-up generator which turns on if the main power suply short circuits, and when that back-up power turns on it automatically locks all the doors.' Keith: 'How d'you know?' Thomas: 'I came here as a kid years ago when it was open, I read the manual to the security system.. and I know a lot about electronics. I'm not just a good fuck y'know' Keith: 'Tch' Thomas: '..You didn't deny it!' Keith: 'JUST GET US OUT OF 'ERE!' Thomas: 'Ok ok jesus. I remember going in the back once and I saw a huge panel full of buttons 'n' shit.. That'll probably unlock the system of doors.' Keith: '... Fine let's find the damn panel.' Thomas: *laughter* 'Don't worry, I'll hold you close if you get scared' *laughter* Keith: 'Knock it off! I'll break your arm' Thomas: 'Hey check it out! it's a rocket rider! ahh I loved these things!' Keith:: 'What happened to unlocking the doors? we're still stuck in here..' Thomas: 'Stay cool man! just have a look around first, there's no rush, I'll go in a bit'


Keith and Thomas look around. This is the player's chance to find any items that will assist them in the Basement. One of the arcade machines still work. The player can play on it.

NEW OBJECTIVE: Explore the area.

Keith: 'So.. you came here as a kid?' Thomas: 'Yeah like.. a few times.. before my mum died' Keith: 'Did she take you here?' Thomas: 'The first two times yeah.. but the third I came on my own, I snuck in through the back.. some idiot must've left the door unlocked 'cause I remember finding the back room that was out of bounds.. even for employees.. I guess the manager was keeping something secret.' Keith: 'Shit.. what d'you find in there?' Thomas: 'Nothin' much, I was hoping to find a dead body or something' y'know? but there was just an old robot and a bunch of broken toys' Keith: 'Robot?!' Thomas: 'You deaf? that's what I said!' Keith: 'Fuckin' weird..' Thomas: 'Yeah I know.. maybe it's still there!' Keith: 'Probably is, lookin' at the state of this place' Thomas: '*sigh* Alright so.. I turned on the power and since it short circuited, the doors went into lockdown, yeah? These kinda of doors'll unlock when their power's cut off. So here's the plan.. You go into the basement 'cause there's usually a generator with a backup power supply under the building, turn that off and the doors will unlock, I'll go to the electrics room and try to unlock the doors from there in-case I'm wrong about the generator. Just come back up if you don't find one... Keith: 'Wha-.. you're just gonna leave? where the fuck is the basement anyway?' Thomas: 'Awh want me to stay with you? won't you be okay by yourself?' (sarcastic)

Keith: 'Ugh yeah, just fuckin' hurry up man.. or I'm smokin' your half' Thomas: 'Fucking try it man, see what happens.... I'll be back.. Oh and check the manager's office, you'll probably find a map or something. Bell me if you find the generator'

NEW OBJECTIVE: Find the Basement.

Thomas lightly jogs to the Tunnel Corridor door, which was open, he closes the one-way door behind him by accident. (Now the player can not follow him through.) In order for the player to follow him through, he needs to find a set of 'spare' keys hanging up on a wall in the Basement at the end of the stairs. This is what will open the door to the Tunnel Corridor so that the player can follow Thomas. The player will now have free access to the Seating Area / Main Area / Toilets / Manager's Office / Children's Toilets / Basement and the Hidden Room. Once the player enters the Basement,



: N O T E S :

✗When the Pre-Rendered Cutscene plays of Keith and Thomas finding and getting on the stolen bikes, this will use 2 High-Poly models of the bikes. When the real-time gameplay resumes, the high-poly bikes will be: -Thomas & Mid-Poly bike model as .FBX animation file

-Low-Poly Keith & Low-Poly Bike with occulated polygons removed from F.O.V of player camera.

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