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(PART 0)

< ANIMAL TESTING LAB NOTES > You're gonna be a dog on this table who escaped the guy's arms then you have to run as fast as you can to the exit.

when you're running down a long hall, there will be windows, you'll be too small to see inside the window but you'll hear the screaming, the machines drilling into bones, and blood will splatter on the window

💉Animal Testing Lab💉

Ideas Transition into the lab: Black envelop screen. PC turns off with the players screen. The PC glitches and the glitches blend with the players screen.(Think of how the player might get bored of seeing the same transition every time they start or load the game) For the Nightmare level, make it much more nightmarish.

-Have it start out normalish, procedure of animal testing, add in dialouge so the player knows exactly where they are and what misery is coming. Make them feel terrified.

-Then as they're escaping, the puppy makes whining noises, distressed sounds (freesound)

The walls start to change, add in loads of particle effects, video materials on meshes, ragdoll meshes and NPCs?, add in monster looking fuckers.

In one easter egg room, add in one of the Subjects from Fangshine. (P4 Screaming and hooked up to a machine)

Then as the player thinks theyre escaping, heading towards the door, the alarm is drowned out by a peaceful sound (like being underwater in the manequin animation sushi)

But 'jumpscare' something grabs the back of your neck, the alarm sound rerurns twice as loud and now its distorted (hurricane siren broken video) and when you're picked up slowly, youre turned around to face the man behind you...

Horrifying fucked up face

((Also, make the experimenter look like archer, symbolic to Keith feeling trapper by his father and like a subject to his abuse))

The man then tries to walk back to the lab, but the player is given the option to shake themselves free, if they do? They drop to thr ground and wake up suddenly

If they dont, the man then takes the puppy and bangs him on the wall a few times,

Then keith wakes up


-c h A o s O P U S

s t u d i o-

-powered by UNREAL ENGINE-

-COPYRIGHT NOTICE- -WARNING- Do you wish to continue? NO / YES

The player is now in the Manager’s Office the night Dean takes Martin to the warehouse.

The camera will spawn in front of the PC [Main Menu] and pan slowly towards it as the game begins for the first time. The computer will turn on and the desktop home screen will load up. The player can now navigate the computer OS.

There are 5 icons available, but only 2 are accessible currently, they are ‘SETTINGS’ and ‘WACKO WAREHOUSE’. The player can alter the settings to their desired preferences in the SETTINGS page, once they return to the home screen, the only thing left to do is double-click on the WACKO WAREHOUSE icon.

When the icon is clicked, the screen will fade to black.

{ P A R T 0 }


The player is in a nightmare. You are a puppy beagle in an Animal Testing laboratory.


The player bites the man’s arm


The player wakes up in Keith’s bedroom.


/Thirdperson Perspective/ Keith wakes up suddenly from the nightmare to the sound of his alarm in sync with the alarm from the lab. He is sat up on his bed, clutching the sheets with a tight grip. He turns off the digital alarm on his side-table without looking at it. His face still shaken by the events he just lived. He runs his hand through his hair. (Or rubs his face; if the Neofur hair simulation interaction with the Hand mesh won't work) His phone then begins to ring. Keith looks at his side cabinet, picks up his phone and stares at it in his hand.

LOAD PHONE WIDGET /Firstperson Perspective/ The camera shows the phone mesh in Keith's hand with his thumb on the 'Accept' button. The player then has to move Keith's thumb (by moving the mouse left or right) to either the ‘Decline’ or ‘Accept’ button. Then click.



NO - Decline /Firstperson Perspective/ Keith puts the phone back on his side cabinet and lets it ring out. He closes his eyes. (Black screen transition). 3 seconds later, the phone vibrates, Keith opens his eyes again, you receive a text : ‘YO KEITH MEET ME AT THE CORNER. 1 HOUR x’

YES - Accept Keith answers the phone to Thomas:

Thomas: ‘Yo Keith, You awake?’

Keith: ‘I am now.. What d’you want?’

Thomas: ‘Get your lazy ass to the corner’

Keith: ‘What? Why? Just let me sleep..’

Thomas: ‘I got something cool to show ya!’

Keith: ‘Ugh I’m not interested’

Thomas: ‘One hour, get dressed, be there’

*Thomas Hangs Up*

Keith drops his arm onto his bed with the phone still in his hand, he looks down at his sheets, then up at his ceiling cracks as he ponders.


NEW OBJECTIVE: GO BACK TO SLEEP? YES - [Real-Time Cutscene] Kieth crashes back down onto his pillow and closes his eyes. After a few seconds of darkness he falls into the nightmare again but this time it's different. (Use the black screen to act as loading screen, spawn player into the Laboratory Level.) Many of the elements are distorted and everything feels and looks like a bad trip, you can walk through walls and some people are glitching. [FREE CONTROL]


When Keith wakes up the second time, he'll jump out of bed realising he's late

Keith: 'Oh fuck, he's gonna kill me'


NO - [Real-Time Cutscene] (Camera Possession) Keith pulls his duvet off, gets up and sits at the edge of his bed, he looks down at his thighs which are covered in bruises, scratch marks and teeth marks. Then he stumbles to his feet.


[FREE CONTROL] Basic Interaction Tutorial Implementation

Keith is stood in his room. The player can now walk around the room and pick up any items lying around; have a closer look at them and/or put them down again.

NEW OBJECTIVE: GET DRESSED The player heads to the wardrobe to get dressed. The door opens and there is a bat inside. (UNLOCKABLE VIDEO MEMORY #1)


The player can now explore the Landing. In the bathroom they can open the cupboards to search for items and look in the mirror at their reflection. Archer's room and the spare room is locked. When the player is finished they can walk downstairs. The player walks down the stairs, Trigger Box Cutscene plays.


The player walks down the stairs, Keith’s father is in the living room, drunk. Keith flinches and looks towards his drunk father who's planted on the sofa in the middle of the room. Archer doesn't turn around when he speaks.

Archer: ‘Oi!! D’you know what time it is?' Keith: ‘It’s.. half nine’

Archer: ‘Where you goin’?’

Keith: ‘Out..’ Archer: ‘Out where?’

Keith: ‘Just out’

Archer: ‘Who the fuck d’you think ya talkin’ to?!’

Keith: ‘I didn't say--’

Archer: ‘Are you gonna meet that fucking Tom kid again you faggot?!.... ANSWER ME!’ *Throws bottle at Keith*

Keith manages to dodge the aggressively, but poorly aimed, thrown bottle. Archer puts his hand on his head and turns back around to face the T.V., sinking into his hangover/migraine. Shouting at Keith made him light headed and he’s already quite drunk. Keith walks carefully to the kitchen, he turns around taking a look at his father (for the player to see the character) and closes the door. His father doesn’t say anything after this.


The player can look around the Kitchen. Inside the Kitchen there is:

- A Bottle of Alcohol in the fridge that Keith can drink, this will double his vision slightly until he meets up with Thomas (Gaussian Blur border around edge of screen/: Trigger Volume?) -A Wind-Up Battery Torch -A Lighter

When the player is finished in the Kitchen they can leave through the back door and enter the garden. In the garden the player can open the shed to their right, there is nothing useful inside. (Tools, motorbike parts ect.) The player must then travel to the end of the garden and open the back gate to enter the Garage.

Now Keith is on his way to meet Thomas. The player needs to make their way through the garage and follow the street which eventually leads to Thomas.


Thomas is standing on the other side of the road waiting for Keith, he’s on the phone. The player can walk around the street but the objective is to approach and talk to Thomas.

(So the sense of realism isn't disrupted, Thomas will remain on the phone until the player approaches him (he will have a trigger box around him) When the player get's within a meter from Thomas, a /Thirdperson Perspective/ Cutscene will begin)

When the player approaches Thomas, the cutscene will play and perform efficient region rendering behind the media.


/Thirdperson Perspective/ The camera follows behind Keith walking towards Thomas, he hangs up the phone and turns towards Keith.

Thomas: ‘You’re late’ *fist bump* Keith: ‘No I’m not!’ Thomas: ‘Yeah you are, I’ve been waitin’ ‘ere for like… 10 minutes’ Keith: ‘I should’ve made you wait 20’ Thomas: ‘What d’you say??’ (semi-playful) Keith: ‘You're fuckin' lucky I came man!’

Thomas: ‘I was last night'

*Keith punches Thomas in the arm*

Thomas: ‘Ahh dick’

Keith: ‘Was that Keller on the phone?’

Thomas: ‘Nah, his runner, somethin’ ‘appened to his stash and he’s not told Keller yet *smug laughter* ahhh he’s fuckin’ ruined’ Keith: ‘Heh.. aw shit’ Thomas: ‘So… you ready to go?’ Keith: ‘Nah not really’ Thomas: ‘Great’ Thomas puts his arm around Keith and he ducks to get out of it, Thomas walks ahead, Keith looks at Thomas with a tired face and follows behind, walking out of shot.


The cutscene ends and the /FirstPerson Perspective/ Dialouge Animation begins. Keith and Thomas walk through the Alley together. (CURRENT TIMELINE UNFINISHED)

Eventually the player comes to a dead-end wall with two bikes on the ground.



The camera stays on Keith as Thomas walks out of shot, Keith's reaction is slight confusion, the camera flips to Thomas standing next to 2 expensive bikes on the ground at the end of the alley.

Keith: ‘Where… d'you nick these?’ Thomas: ‘Don’t ask stupid questions Dal’ Keith: ‘Don’t fucking call me that out here’ Thomas: ‘So indoors is fine then?’ Keith: ‘Ugh just… why do we need bikes anyway?’

Thomas: ‘I told ya…. I found somethin' ace, you’ll love it, trust me’

Keith: ‘*sigh* ‘kay’ Thomas: ‘Help me get these over the wall’ Keith: ‘Why we going on the track?’ Thomas: ‘It’s a shortcut’ Keith: ‘But there’s nothing on there, it doesn’t lead anywher-’ Thomas: ‘Didn’t I tell ya you’ll love it?’ Keith: ‘I don’t even know where we’re going!!’ Thomas: ‘Alright I’ll tell you..... It’s a den.’ Keith: ‘A den?’

Thomas: ‘Yeah.. we need a new one now that fuckin’ Marshy burned down the old one right?’ Keith: ‘Y-yeah’ Thomas: ‘Exactly.. So I’m takin' you to a new one I found!’ Keith: ‘But y-..’ Thomas: ‘Stop askin' questions! Follow me, it’s not far’ Thomas throws his bike over the wall, then Keith does the same for the other bike. (During script)


Keith’s watches Thomas get on his bike first. Keith turns on his MD Walkman, puts in his headphones and plays ‘Introduction Song’



Now the player is on a stolen bike on the tracks.



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