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The 'Blowjob' animated short is coming but with the outbreak of COVID-19 there's a few things getting in the way, it is in production though. In KILLING STALKING we spend a lot of time in Oh Sangwoo's home, this is the first environment I started to create. There isn't a floor-plan available so I've had to pay close attention to Koogi's art. There are plenty of comic panels for reference so I took screenshots of them and began to blockout the house.

There are a total of 7 rooms that we've come across so far [as of chapter 10] and they are:


  • Hallway

  • Lower Bedroom

  • Basement

  • Bathroom

  • Kitchen

  • Laundry Room

  • Living Room


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I noticed when studying the backgrounds of the panels that there are a few changes in the environment, I never noticed it when I first read the manhwa and you probably didn't either but I was deliberately looking for details, shapes and sizes of the house so I picked it up. We've all seen artists do this at some point so by no means am I exclusively exposing Koogi. This can happen when you're running short on time and need to leave details out to reach a deadline / when you're evolving as an artist and begin to change how you draw BGs / or if you simply forgot something was there from 100+ panels ago.

I'll only show this example to reference what I'm talking about :

As the chapters progress the BGs become more consistent, so when deciding what version of the house to model from I'll be choosing the later chapters. I began modelling the interior of the house based on the first few chapters but I had to change a few things when I saw the changes in the BGs. So if any of you with a good eye noticed that some things don't look how you might've remembered them from certain chapters, this is why.

So I began with the Hallway as the centre point and expanded outwards from there.

I'm creating a blockout of the house by defining what the environment is with basic primitives like cubes, spheres, cones, cylinders ect. I have several references for furniture and where they will be within the scene, we don't need to worry about textures or colour at this point. Once the foundation of the house is laid out I start to add assets I have available from other projects, stuff like chairs, cutlery, doors, curtains ect. that will be replaced with an exact replica of that object from the manhwa once they've been modelled at a later date.

More updates to come!