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Animated films are like live-action films, except the sky is the limit! There will be a set, actors, cameras, lighting and a soundtrack, in this post I'm going to focus on the process of creating the environments for the series. First I gather a list of all the places we visit in the manhwa for each episode, then they need to be dissected into scene locations > location buildings > building rooms. Most of the places are fictional or they simply don't have names so I use a generic naming system that will also be applied when referencing them in code later on. Here's a list of the scenes in order of appearance [chapter 1 only] :









﹂ Hallway

Lower Bedroom



﹂ Living Room


﹂ Hallway

﹂ Classroom


﹂Army Field

﹂ Army Hallway

﹂ Army Room



  • TOWN

I don't need to model every room of every scene if we're not going to see it. Like in the Gay Town, there'll be a lot of different clubs but we only ever go into one of them, so all of the others can be hollow shells, this will save a lot of time. Some scenes / rooms / locations only appear for a single shot that could be under 20 seconds long and won't be seen again, I'll still have to create the whole thing. Like the train scene for example, we're only inside the train for a moment while Bum introduces himself but I'll still need to model everything inside. Depending on the location and size of a scene it could take anywhere between a day and a week to complete.

I'll begin with the Train Carriage. I gather reference images of the scene directly from the manhwa. In this case, there is only one shot of the background and it doesn't show us much, there's not enough there for a clear reference. Since this is a train and the story takes place in South Korea, we can assume that the train will look like a generic Korean train carriage. So I go to the internet and find some reference photos I can use.

Since this scene is very generic and doesn't specify any particular design, I take a train carriage from a different project I had already and fashion it to look like a carriage from Korea. This is an easy example of designing a scene since it's quite small and modular, I have a lot of the 3D pieces already available and only have to change the UK details to the KOR ones like text, colour scheme, fabric textures, adverts on the walls and passenger information.

Here's the blueprint for the material of the passenger notice board on the train with the full text that will play on a loop :

It's then applied to the wall of the train with a light for extra effect :

And here's how it looks in the train :

Once the location is finished, I can then take out the pieces of furniture that the characters will interact with for that scene and import those into the animation software, where I then animate the characters interacting with each other and the exported furniture. The now animated characters are then imported back into the scene where the animation will be rendered as a finished shot.

The train still needs some work done to it but here's a preview of where it's at so far :

More updates to come!