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The livestreaming was tested and is functioning perfectly. It should be ready as scheduled for May!

KILLING STALKING is a manhwa 만화 of 67 chapters. We've got two options: a feature length film or a series of episodes. If I had a big team / funding I'd have the freedom to ask the audience of Killing Stalking what they would want to see. I could've done some kind of poll somewhere and tried to get a general idea of the preferred media but I'm not in that position. I have absolutely no intention of altering the story, changing scenes/characters, shortening events or leaving out details. This is planned to be a perfect replica of Koogi's vision. This will be exactly what you saw in your mind when you first read the manhwa. The comic brought to life. This won't be my version of the story, this will be Koogi's story animated as it was.

So a decision needs to be made based on what I'm able to achieve by myself. To be honest it's the same amount of work either way, the only difference would be to make the audience wait longer if it was a film where everything would be shown all at once compared to episodes where they'd get to see them each week/month. Putting that aside, what would be the best creative decision based on the story length/spacing of events? Let's have a look..

  • The episodes could be short and sweet, leave you on the edge of your seat wanting more, around 25 minutes each.

  • The episodes could be longer, around 60 minutes each, I could fit a few chapters into an hour.

  • Or we could go all out and produce a full-length feature film. I wouldn't mind watching a 5 hour film if it was about Killing Stalking.. This would basically be all the 25 minutes episodes packed into a huge movie. I timed myself re-reading chapters 1 and 2 as if it were a storyboard with animation in mind, I included extra time in my head for each panel, for the characters movements and conversations, and environment shot transitions. It took me 31 minutes. I can assume that for every 2 chapters there would be a 30 minute episode give or take. Based on this, that would mean there will be either a 16.5 hour film OR about 17 episodes of 60 minutes each. I never wanted a film to be out of the question but looking at this math there really isn't any other choice. I refuse to cut out any part of this story so I'm left with one option.

With any series of episodes from any show there's always an opening and an ending, sometimes a first-look preview of the next episode at the end.. but I can't visualise any opening for this series at this point, mainly because I was leaning more towards a film than a show, maybe there won't be one and we jump straight into the episode? do I break the fourth wall and add some kind of repetitive montage at the start of each episode or could this be more like a documentary-series following the events of the story in a realistic setting..

I've always had this horrible view on cliques or anything in media that blindly follows what's been done 100 times before without any effort for innovation or improvement. Some may call me a perfectionist but I think it's a good thing sometimes. Although perfection isn't something you can achieve for yourself, it's something that others find in your work, you can continuously improve upon what you've created but it's what the audience falls in love with that becomes the perfect design. I hope to strive for perfection for the audience, the team working on the production and for Koogi.


A series of 17 episodes will be planned, this number may increase or decrease depending on the size of the team, permissions, chapter lengths and the personal circumstances/availability of the team.

Thank you so much for your following and support🤍

More updates to come!