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This will be a big post with a lot to explain so bare with me.


As of 24/O5/2O2O I had only been working on this project for about 8 weeks. Sangu's House is in block-out phase and the Protagonist characters are early WIP. They're fleshed out but need a lot of tweaking and adjustment. I decided to make a series of Teaser Trailers, If I saw these finalised trailers it would keep me inspired to continue working despite the challenges, this is a lot for one person, so these were little 'this is going to be phenomenal, keep going' reminders for me. Especially since no one really knew what I was doing or who I was. So I spent 3 days without a break on the first teaser, modelled the pills, the bottle, the label and set up the scene. It's harder than you think to roll a pill...

On the 24th of May, I noticed that my [Teaser O1] animation got 100 comments in 5 minutes, I had no idea where that all came from. Then it turned to 200, then 500, then 1,000, and I saw a bunch of comments: 'Who's here from tik tok?' So I investigated and found that someone told tik tok about my project, that's when it started. I went from 5 regular people at my livestreams to 300 over night. I got 10,000 subscribers in a few days. My teaser is now at 200,000 views..

I couldn't believe it at first, I've never received any kind of reaction like this before, and not since wining the 2O17 Fan Event.. It was overwhelming but I felt blessed that I'd been found! you only hear about going viral happening to everyone else but it happened to me! So I enjoyed it for a minute, until I realised what this all meant.


I had hundreds of compliments, questions, demands and hate messages across all platforms in a few days, and the confusion stems from re-uploads of my work. People have been downloading the animations from my channel, editing them, posting them on their profiles and saying 'oooh anime series is coming' and that's it.

This isn't only disrespectful towards me and my efforts, but it's problematic for everyone else who wants to know more about the project and where it's up to. But this is what comes with being found, so I'm learning to deal with it.

So to all the questions I was getting, I opened up an FAQ page which is updated often as new questions come in.


As of this post, here is a list of the environments and characters that I've started working on :


  • Sangu's House

  • Sangu's Street

  • Train Carriage


  • Oh Sangu

  • Yoon Bum

  • CEO Daughter

And they're all VERY early in production. We're talking no eyebrows, no hair, no clothes, no details ect. The house is composed of simple textureless primitives too, I still need to work at LEAST another few months on the house to get it perfect and high-production-quality. Please check them out before spamming me with questions I've already answered! thank you!

I have huge production plans for this series and I'm going to make sure with every blood cell in my body that this will make you cry and clutch your chest. I'll bring Koogi's world to life.


I asked you if you had any other questions I didn't include in the FAQ. I still got a shit load of 'when will it be done!!?' 'im not paying for it where can i watch it!!!!'. here's some answers anyway ~

Do you have a date set? Can you give us an estimate?

How long is a piece of string?

Are you using Killing Me Softly in the animated series?

What about copyright?

I've got plans to use the song in multiple places, and I'm composing an orchestral cover of it. There's going to be a KOREAN cover of the song that will play on the radio in the Kitchen. All depending on rights usage. We'll see what happens.

Will you censor the sex scenes?

No, I'm animating everything as it was in the manhwa.

How comfortable do you feel animating the explicit scenes? and how long have you been animating for?

I have no issues animating the scenes from the manhwa, you develop a strong stomach when you're a horror fan. I've been doing 3D work for about 6 years now.

Will the episodes be posted as they're finished or as a full series?

Each episode is 60 minutes long and will take maybe 4-9 months each (depending on a lot of different things). They'll be posted as I finish them, otherwise you'd wouldn't hear from me for like 5 years.

Will there be (insert language) subtitles?

There isn't even an English version available yet so I can't begin to think about subbing in different languages, that's the very last thing to be done.

Will you hire someone for the soundtrack / score?

I'm planning on scoring the series myself, it's going great so far so unless I'm struggling with the weight of the production in the future, I'll continue to compose the soundtrack myself.

Are there any more Teaser Trailers coming?

Absolutely, I've got 9 planned.

Could anything make the series come to a halt in the future?

Yeah a lot of things, my mental health declining, my financial situation, lack of donations, a car crash, getting ill, an asteroid heading towards earth.. So I take each day as it comes!

Why are you making this entire thing alone?

2 main reasons, I don't have a team or any money to hire a team & I prefer to work alone, I know exactly what I'm doing for every creative aspect of the production, I don't need to rely on anyone else, I don't need to fix anyone's mistakes or deal with people turning on me or changing their intentions. This isn't a mechanically impossible production, it's just very, very time consuming for one person. Before I was found by everyone I was happy doing this in my own time, but now I'm happy to speed things up and get it all done sooner! (Heavily based on donations)

Thank you to every single sweet message I've received! I read them all even if I can't get to you. It makes my day. Thank you again.

More updates to come!


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