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WW Buildings & Room Design



The 1st version of the game. This was the idea generation stage of creation. Basic BSP meshes were used to form walls, blockout furniture and areas. As can be seen, the entire map was limited to the warehouse's perimeter because at this stage, the game was going to start and end in the warehouse and carpark. Only in the next few months it was decided that the character would begin at his home and make his way in real-time to the warehouse.


The 3rd revision of the game.


The 7th revision of the game.


The 8th revision of the game. Core mechanics still haven't been implemented but the aesthetic is improving. Much of the focus of 0.8 has been Keith's street and house.


The 10th revision of the game. Mechanic production and implementation has begun. The lighting of levels has also begun. Animated Block-out characters have been imported before the final meshes are ready.


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