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[W] Health System

We're striving to give this game a realistic atmosphere, therefore a typical 'health system' will not be incorporated. The definition of a health system is a visual representation and application of a system to inform the player of their level of health, this is something that the player has to keep a watchful eye on and replenish otherwise their character will die, ultimately ending the current level and/or game. For this game we're going to use a system based on anxiety and drug dependency.

Anxiety & Drug Dependency

Keith has moderate/severe anxiety disorder which led to him abusing multiple drugs including weed, cocaine, lsd and alcohol, this has worsened his anxiety and his body cannot function normally without some kind of chemical numbing him. Being heavily drug dependant, It makes sense that Keith would begin to feel uncomfortable if he doesn't use for a long period of time. I'm going to use this as a form of 'health system' for the player. Not only will this add to the realism of the situation but it'll also make the gameplay challenging for the player. There will be two kinds of 'health' for the player to decrease the difficulty of gameplay.


There will be alcohol lying around the warehouse, when Keith drinks it it will calm his nerves and shakiness for a while. If the player does not find/drink the alcohol then they will still be able to complete the game, but it will just be slightly harder for them.

Smoking: Keith will have a pack of 10 cigarettes in his pocket with only 9 left. The player must use these wisely as there will not be any more after they run out. In reality, symptoms of nicotine withdrawal can appear as soon as 4 hours after the last cigarette but for the purpose of the game I will be altering the time slightly. There will be a set timer, xx minutes after the last smoke the player will begin to experience the withdrawal symptoms of heavy nicotine addiction, typically these can include:

-intense cravings for nicotine

-decreased adrenaline and cortisol

-tingling in the hands and feet


-nausea and intestinal cramping


-coughing, sore throat

-insomnia, restlessness

-difficulty concentrating, irritability, frustration or anger

-mental confusion

Again, for the purpose of the game we will not include all of these withdrawal symptoms. The player will only experience 4 of the listed symptoms in the form of:

Symptom: Shown By:

Headache Slight gaussian blur border around screen

Mental Confusion Double-vision / Blurred-vision / Visual Camera Lag

Difficulty Concentrating Delayed response time to navigation controls / FOV decrease

Irritability Slight red border pulsing around the screen / Chromatic Aberration / Annoying borders for the player

Application: After researching into 1980's and 1990's cigarette packets I have designed a pack for Keith that I think clearly shows that the era the game takes place in is during the 1990s. I called the cigarette brand 'Gilroy Canyon'.

Here is the final design for the cigarette packet :

red borader appears

drinking effects balance


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