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[W] Main Menu : Computer System

when talking about the menu, say that your main inspuration was from a macintosh and Windows 1.0 system, but the part of giving the initiative of exploration to the player was taken from the PC system in Martian Gothic Unification, Talk about the similarities between the two ideas and the similarities of player expectancy of using the devices in the game.

The player is now in the Manager’s Office the night Dean hung himself. The hanging body is in the center of the room but will always be out of direct sight for the player.

The camera will spawn in front of the PC [Main Menu] and pan slowly towards it as the game begins for the first time. The computer will turn on and the desktop home screen will load up. The player can now navigate the computer OS.

There are 5 icons available, but only 2 are accessible currently, they are ‘SETTINGS’ and ‘WACKO WAREHOUSE’. The player can alter the settings to their desired preferences in the SETTINGS page, once they return to the home screen, the only thing left to do is double-click on the WACKO WAREHOUSE icon.

When the icon is clicked, the screen will fade to black.

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