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WW Level Design

The above image was the first version of floor plan for the warehouse. It was designed with constrictions and creative limitations in mind.

Above shows the WIP stylised version of the old map which will appear in-game on a wall in the Manager's Office and in the Basement.


MAIN AREA Lost / Threatened / Abandoned



Claustrophobic / Tense / Panic

The Basement was given an Orange/Mustard pallet due to these colours being attached to feelings of xxxxx. Colour theory was used heavily for this section of the warehouse. The objective is to make your way to the back of the Basement, turn off the generator and escape, however, there is a malfunctioning animatronic that is beckoned by the sound of your footsteps. This room is very small with narrow pathways creating a maze for the player. This would be difficult enough with the lights on and without having to watch your every step. Henry the Hyena has been dormant for years, his exposed circuits and uncalibrated condition means that his sound sensors have gone into overdrive. The player is hinted at this by the posters in the Manager's Office and at the bottom of the stairs in the Basement.

'Make some noise for Henry, And Henry will make noise for you!'

With an animatronic on the loose trying to go towards the sound of Keith's footsteps, the player needs to take extra care to not be loud. There are many carefully scattered assets in the Basement which will cause a lot of noise, this forces the player to be careful with their movements and paranoid about their direction.

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