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WW Design Problems / Solutions

'Wouldn't Keith just push the animatronics over so they can't chase him anymore?'

Not only are the animatronics very heavy, they are damaged and worn with time so their wires/internal mechanics are exposed resulting in their metal shell being electrocuted. Kieth would die of a high voltage shock if they were to touch the robots.


How will the player know to go to the end of the Basement and to find Henry?

As soon as the player enters the Basement there will be a poster in plain sight on the left wall showing them that the Basement Generator is at the far end of the basement in the form of a map/diagram. The player will remember that Thomas told them to turn on the back-up generator so instinctively they will search the far end of the basement. This is how they will meet with Henry. When the player goes to the generator and turns it on, it will make a loud noise, attracting Henry to the sound and ultimately to the player.


What's stopping the player from finding Henry the Hyena before they reach the generator?

Keith couldn't figure out how to use the generator so he calls Thomas to ask him but he doesn't answer his phone, then (CUTSCENE) Keith turns around cause he hears a loud bang and it's Henry activating- Keith's loud rummaging and talking to himself is what attracted Henry over to his sound. In order for the 'phone call' to take place before the player meets Henry he will be hidden on a shelf in a shadowed corner of the basement, there's no way the player could notice him before they're supposed to.-The second time the player plays the game, what's stopping them from going to areas/discovering NPC's before they're supposed to? -How will the player know to use the Fire Extinguisher and how to use it?

There will be a large poster in the Manager's Office : ''In case of a fire, the fire extinguisher will put out the flame

What if the player uses up all of the Fire Extinguisher (the only thing that stops him) before they can stop Lenny?

Idea scrapped, Lenny now can not be stopped.

If the player is given access to an Axe weapon in the Main Area to kill Lenny in the second half of the game then how can we stop them from using it on Lenny in the first half? Idea scrapped, Lenny now can not be stopped. Why would Dean bother to be so multi-cultural with his designs/animatronics in an era that was so racist? Leine was a human rights activist. She cared a lot about people being treated equally and inspired that ''Hearts don't have a race, they are one colour.'' Also, Leine is Caribbean/British so Dean wanted a part of her to be weaved into the warehouse.

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