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(PART 5)

The player is limping through the Tunnel Corridor with a large shard of glass in their thigh. The smoke around them is increasing. (If the player presses the crawl keys at this point, then it will take longer to get up and down since Keith is injured/ swap animations OR decrease speed) [POST PROCESS VOLUME // FOG INCREASE // PARTICLE EFFECT] When they move to the end of the Tunnel Corridor they will reach the door to the Seating Area which only opens from the inside. Once they go through this door into the Seating Area they cannot go back through it. (Explaining why they couldn't get through it before without a key) When the player opens the door, a new animation will play of Keith using the door handle to stand properly, he puts his weight onto the handle to help himself up before opening the door.

The player enters the Seating Area. Lenny is nowhere to be found. (Lenny is currently burning off his rubber/fur coating behind the arcade machines in the Main Area. //spawn ‘Burned_LennyAI’ mesh.)

The player now has to get to the front entrance next to the Desk and escape. (Keith can be heard moaning from the pain and whimpering because of Thomas' death. Audio Ambience will be played of the following script. Keith is talking to himself. The lines will be spaced far apart) Keith: 'Fucking fuck' Keith: 'Damn it *groan* ...shit'

Keith: '*deep exhale* *whimpering cry* ...Tom When the player passes the threshold of the Seating Area into the Main Area: -The ceiling/foundation near the entrance collapses -The ceiling of the Cafe collapses - The player cannot go back the way they came. The warehouse is quickly caving in on itself. The Basement is collapsing, creating huge holes in the floor of the Seating Area and the Main Area. A large part of the tall ceiling crashes down, blocking his escape. There is a small gap amongst the rubble that Keith could crawl under.

New Objective: GET OUT!

The player limps over to the exit and has to kneel down to crawl out.When the 'Kneel' key is pressed inside the Box Volume near the rubble blocked exit: a metal scream (Audio trigger) comes from the inferno. Keith turns back (camera possession) to find the robot approaching him from a bunch of burning fallen toys/arcade machines (.fbx imported animation?).The robot is now melting its plastic shell, revealing a red-hot metal skeleton and a system of wires underneath. Despite all of the heat from the fire the robot still manages to follow Keith's movement. Lenny is approaching very slowly. The player has to ignore that and try to escape.

New Objective: Pave an escape through the rubble

The player must move a few pieces of metal bars/bricks ect.

(Cause panic in the player, have Lenny make terrifying noises behind them while they try to move the heavy pieces: Hit the spacebar fast enough OR to cause even more panic- Have a set of keyboard keys to press in a certain order so they can find the strength to move the blockage/too complicated?) Keith manages to pave a way out. The player must now crawl as fast as they can towards the front doors. (Would they be open? Consider the previous state of the doors, they manage to get unlocked by generator/Thomas but would they be open? automatic?)

Keith is close to the exit. The player has to crawl forward, the smoke is choking the screen and Keith has one hand on his thigh which is bleeding severely.

(The player has to keep the mouse steady or else Keith will lose consciousness again? Implement a challenging mechanic to keep it difficult/interesting.)

Jumpscare: The burning animatronic's arm bursts through the rubble wall that separated them and latches onto Keith's ankle with a tightening grip.


Silence except for the soft flames, *HUGE AUDIO SCARE BANG* The camera turns around and shows Lenny’s arm had burst through the rubble pile and is now latched onto Keith’s ankle.

The player has to try to escape the animatronic’s grip. Inevitably the struggle is in vain, the ceiling above them makes a huge crackle and in a split second it collapses. A huge metal beam heated by the flames crashes down and severs Keith's foot from his leg. The animatronic doesn’t let go of Keith's foot even after it leaves his body.

The player needs to keep crawling away out of the doors. They must press ‘UJM’ ‘RDX’ in steady paced progression, they should be dragging their finger across the keyboard as if they’re dragging themselves across the floor like Keith. (in case the player doesn’t press anything have Keith keep moving on his own so he doesn’t die there)

Keith crawls away with the last of his strength. He grips his leg with one arm and uses the other to drag himself out the doors, his nails dig deep into the carpet as he uses the very last of his stamina to escape.

dying is cold and terrifying, no matter how prepared you are. I want the player to feel like they're dying too.

Rapid switch to pre-rendered cutscene of the ‘CREDITS FINALE’ cutscene. The game is over.

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