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(PART 4)

The player enters the Janitor's Office. The player can look around the Janitor's Office.

once they enter the trigger volume around the door for the Electrics Room, the cutscene will begin.


There is an uncomfortable silence. Keith shouts for Thomas.


Leon: Haurnjfkshkcnhrekwhlawrghkblnhjlv


(Thomas was trapped in the corner of the Electrics Room by Leon. After losing his arm he ran to the Electrics Room to hide but Leon followed him. He started to lose blood and his body temperature dropped so he fell to his knees and Leon couldn't 'see' him because of the damage his sensors and wires received when Thomas plunged his penknife into its chest. If Thomas moved or made a sound then he knew Leon would activate and crush him. So when Keith shouted for Thomas, Leon reacted to the sound and turned around to follow it, Thomas used the distraction to run past Leon, but then Leon started to move his arms again and cut the back of Thomas)

Keith: 'Tom what the fuck happe-’

Thomas: 'We gotta go NOW!'

Keith: 'Your arm-'

Thomas: 'RUN'

Leon: 'fhjdkabfdlabhfgkjbfdagihrbegkbdfjklga'

Thomas lets go of his bloody severed arm and grabs Keith by the wrist, they both run out of the Janitor's Office.

(The real-time cutscene blends seamlessly with the player regaining control of the character, the gameplay begins again with Thomas behind the player and the player running towards the Mirror Room.

The player and Thomas both enter the Mirror Room. Leon is in pursuit. (Condemned Bear Chase)

Thomas and Keith are running through the Mirror Room, The player’s running speed has increased. [If the player tries to stop running or tried to turn around, Thomas will push Keith saying ‘MOVE IT!’ A box volume will be around Thomas’ mesh which will repel against the player’s mesh and force them forward] towards the Tunnel Corridor Keith trips up on a wire/toy and he falls and hits his head on something hard.

(The player loses control of Keith and a real-time cutscene shows Keith tripping on something. When the player gets to a Collision Box Volume, the camera will be manually possessed to an animation of it turning to the side and falling to the floor to simulate Keith falling to the ground and hitting his head {OR} just show Keith falling to the floor in First-Person, and eye-blink transition into darkness)

He blacks out for about 5-10 seconds. Black Screen.

Leon was running towards Thomas and Keith and because Keith was unconscious on the floor, that meant he couldn’t run away, Thomas knew he wouldn't have enough strength to pick Keith up in time to escape or even to move him out of Leon's path so Thomas made a quick and irrational decision to jump on top of Keith to protect him from Leon's electrocuted body. Leon tripped over something on the floor and fell onto Thomas, (Have Leon's movement be very unsettling, like a sort of sped-up limping movement) Thomas was then electrocuted by Leon's body and they both fell to the side of Keith. Leon was still in the motion of 'hug/attack' so now he's lying behind Thomas and he's moving his arms up and down.


(A cutscene plays of the dream Keith is having while he's unconscious. Keith's dream is about him and Thomas lying down next to each other in a field full of blue and yellow flowers. They're just talking to each other.

Thomas: ‘If my life wasn’t so fucked up I would've loved to be your boyfriend’

Keith: ‘What?’

Thomas: ‘I’d be proud to call you mine.. I'd wear you on my arm like you were a million pound jacket. (small laugh) and y'know.. despite how I treat you.. You're the one I want to die with.’

The sun begins to set terrifyingly fast.

Keith: 'Don't say shit like that, you're startin' to sound like you 'ave feelings (small laugh)'

Thomas: ‘..and Keith….’

The sky slowly becomes a storm.

Thomas: ‘yeah yeah! Haha yeah yeah! Yeah yeah… yeah yeah.. Yeah yeah.. Yeah yeah’

Keith wakes up gradually with slight tinnitus and double vision. Thomas is in the same position as he was in the dream, next to Keith. With the voice of Thomas in the dream saying ‘yeah yeah’ being the same as the machine noise of Leon clawing out the back of Thomas’ corpse. The sounds blend together as keith wakes up slowly.

‘To- Tom... I had a.. fuckin’ weird d-dream.. I was in a field and.. you were mel- ugh.. Tom?....... hey?... you sleepin'?

get your lazy ass up we gotta go.........Tom?.............’

Thomas’ eyes are open but distant. Keith reaches for Thomas' face with his left arm and before he touches his face he turns his hand towards the camera and sees blood on it. Keith’s Walkman fell out of his pocket as he reached out for Thomas, it began to play 'Introduction Song.' You can hear it faintly through the headphones.

‘Ey! no.. you're not.. d-.... knock it off. TOM I SAID KNOCK IT OFF! *Keith Punches Thomas' shoulder*

Keith notices something else moving behind Thomas on the ground. He looks behind Thomas and focuses his eyes to the figure. It’s Leon.

The camera then switches to show Keith full body lying on the floor, the camera slowly pans to the left to reveal Thomas on the floor next to him, then continues to reveal Leon behind him, clawing out his back. Thomas’ back has been completely mauled, his spine broken and his intestines out. His lungs are ripped apart. There is a large pool of blood around him. Most of Keith’s right side is covered in blood. (This is kept on the model, while cutscene is playing, change character’s clothes textures to ‘BloodStained’ version)

The warehouse is slowly catching fire from the exploded generator downstairs. There are a moderate amount of flames everywhere, but not too much smoke.

The player crawls past Leon and Thomas until they reach the tunnel corridor, In the corridor they manage to gather their head and are able to stand up now, but barely.

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