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(PART 2)

There is a hole in the wall of the Adults Toilets which leads to a staircase to the basement where the ground is rotting and everything is decaying, there is a moderate amount of flooding and it's pretty dark. Down there are old disused animatronics, parts, masks and junk, this is where all the animatronics were built and repaired. There is an old animatronic in one piece though; Henry the Hyena, who used to be the drummer of the 'Jungle Jammers' band. He was created without legs to sit on a box as he didn't need to move. He was thrown in the basement due to faults and the kids not taking a liking to him. After years of rotting the box underneath him disintegrated and he fell onto the floor. Over time and with everything decaying a bunch of wires fell on top of Henry after rats were chewing them. When Thomas turned on the power it electrocuted Henry causing his servos to turn on, turning him on. He's now running off his back-up battery.

The generator is at the other end of the room, the player will know this by a map placed on the wall at the end of the staircase leading into the basement next to the 'spare' keys.

Keith couldn't figure out how to use the generator so he calls Thomas to ask him but he doesn't answer his phone, then (CUTSCENE) Keith turns around cause he hears a loud bang and it's Henry activating- Keith's loud rummaging and talking to himself is what attracted Henry over to his sound. In order for the 'phone call' to take place before the player meets Henry he will be hidden on a shelf in a shadowed corner of the basement, there's no way the player could notice him before they're supposed to.Keith picks up the walkie talkie to call Thomas, the signal is blocked by concrete floor in basement , But then he hears over the static footsteps of henry

As soon as the player enters the Basement there will be a poster in plain sight on the left wall showing them that the Basement Generator is at the far end of the basement in the form of a map/diagram. The player will

The player must lure Henry into into a puddle where he will electrocute himself and his fuses will malfunction. This is the only way to stop him.

The player would die of a high voltage shock if they were to touch the robots.

-SECTION TO BE ADDED- but keith has a run-in with Henry and manages to get to the other end

of the basement and finds a room there

Keith enters the room with caution, there is a switch by the door which he flicks on and the room is dimly lit. There is a horrendous smell in the room. There is a robot strapped into an execution gurney on the other side of the room with his head bowed down. Keith's movement activates the animatronic's motion sensors and it looks up. The light is very poor so Keith won't have noticed the full extent of Martronic's design straight away, after the Real-Time Cutscene the player can flick on a secondary switch which will reveal more of Martronic and the vent under the table. (Leading to the Child's Room)


MARTRONIC: 'Hello! what's your name?'

KEITH: 'Shit another one?!'

MARTRONIC: 'Swearing is bad, you'll get into trouble'

KEITH: 'What did you-... Did that thing just...'

MARTRONIC: 'You sound sad. Do you want a hug?'

KEITH: 'There's no way that thing can understand me'

MARTRONIC: 'I understand you!'

KEITH: 'Holy fuck....'

MARTRONIC: 'Wanna play a game with me?'

KEITH: '....'

MARTRONIC: 'Aw c'mon bro, you can be the hero if you want to!'

KEITH: 'What are you?!'

MARTRONIC: '.....I'm... my name is.. uh... Mar.... Ma.. m-m-m-Marty'


MARTRONIC: 'Don't say things like that... it's not very nice'

KEITH: 'This isn't happening..'

Keith notices cameras/screens on the table next to the human-looking animatronic. He attempts to go near them.

MARTRONIC: 'Hey kiddo, wanna play a game?'

KEITH: 'Maybe I can find Tom on these things..'

MARTRONIC: 'He's not coming back'

KEITH: 'What d'you just say?!'

MARTRONIC: 'He died and I couldn't stop it, I wish I could've saved him, I want to save him'

KEITH: 'Are you real?? Do you underst-.. Where's Tom?!!'

When Dean was programming the animatronic to have conversations it picked up on some of the grieving Dean did. So when Martronic

is talking about 'He's not coming back' he's repeating what Dean was telling himself about his dead son 'Marty'.

MARTRONIC: 'Where is he? Do you want a hug?'

KEITH: 'Ugh fuck this'

Keith goes forward to check the cameras, the animatronic grabs Keith by the arm and won't let go. (Jumpscare)

MARTRONIC: 'I need a hug'


The cameras switch to the room Thomas is in and you see a shadow move across the camera really slowly, maybe it's Thomas dragging

himself away from Leon or maybe it's Leon roaming around, you only get to see it for a second and when the camera goes back onto the same room again there's nothing there. This isn't 'supposed' to be seen by the player but it's a bonus detail to notice.


Then something snaps in the robot. It 'reboots' and lets go of Keith's arm.

MARTRONIC: 'Hey k-k-kiddo, wanna p-p-play a gammmmme hug-kill-sorry-leine-heurtdsjgfjdsgfdsafsdhfjdskh *sobing*'

KEITH: 'What the hell happened in this place?!...'

Now you can either leave the room, predict when Henry the Hyena is at the other end of the room so you can make an escape OR look around the hidden room more to discover some of the Harrmans past. (The previous owner and his family)

(Pictures on the wall / Notes on the desk / Journal entries / Concept sketches of Robotronic / Old VHS Tapes (unlockable for 'Memories')

If the player finds the screwdriver they can go into the Vent and crawl through to the Child's Room. Keith leaves the room.



✖ Henry the Hyena will get close enough to you if you're not fast enough or if you're not concentrating. The electrical wires on his body which have been charged

by the initial back-up generators power will electrocute the player and when the player falls down Henry will 'crawl' over them and maul their stomach.


✖ If the player watched one of the VHS tapes in the hidden room then they will know that animatronics are very sensitive to water and liquids, the player needs to lure

the animatronic into one of the puddles on the ground so he will short-circuit and shut down. Then the player can escape.



Keith returns to the Main Area shouting for Thomas but he's not there. Thomas gets into the speaker system and begins to mock Keith.

: ISSUE : If Keith didn't see the Dead Child and Martronic then he would react differently to if he did see them. Since finding these things is not mandatory It's not possible to have a set script. If the player finds Martronic and the Child's corpse then the script will need to be altered to a more paniced version. Thomas' script can remain the same but Keith's needs to change. Possible Solution: If the player enters a trigger box in the Hidden Room then when they return back upstairs, one of two audio files will be played, this will be one of two scripts. One will be a default script that plays if the player didn't find the Hidden Room (and didn't enter the trigger) which will be a script just freaking out about the animatronic he found. The other audio will be a more horrified script based on Keith finding 2 dead bodies along with an encounter with the animatronic. AUDIO ONE

Keith: 'Shit... SHIT!'

Thomas: 'I'm gonna get youuuuuuuuuuuu'

Keith: 'The fuck?! ....Is that you Tom?! Listen there's something going on with the robo-'

Thomas: 'Keithhhhhhh you're gonna die in hereeeeeee'

Keith: 'That's not funny, asshole!!'

Thomas: *laughter* 'Come to the back man, I found something you're gonna lo-ahhhhhhhh shit! SHIT!! *screaming* *bone crunching noises*

Keith: 'TOM?!'

Keith: 'Hey.... You there?? ....HEY?! TO-'

*white noise*

*music begins to play through the speakers*

Keith: 'Fucking prick.. IF YOU'RE STILL ALIVE WHEN I FIND YA I'LL MAKE YOU WISH YOU WERE DEAD!' (slight fear in his voice)


Keith: 'Shit... FUCKING SHIT!'

Thomas: 'I'm gonna get youuuuuuuuuuuu'


Thomas: 'Keithhhhhhh you're gonna die in hereeeeeee'


Thomas: *laughter* 'Come to the back man, I found something you're gonna lo-ahhhhhhhh shit! SHIT!! *screaming* *bone crunching noises*

Keith: 'TOM?!'

Keith: 'STOP IT-'

*white noise*

*music begins to play through the speakers*

Keith: 'Fuck.... oh god.... *vomits*' (Particle effect? Decal on ground?)

The playing music triggered Lenny the Lion's 'sound activation' system and now he's on the hunt for body heat of children to interact with.

NEW OBJECTIVE: Stop the music.

The music won't stop until you turn it off manually. The loud music activates 'Lenny the Lion' animatronic that was laying dormant behind Find Thomas.

one of the arcade machines.

Back when WW was open 'Lenny' would come to life once the manager played a certain song through the speakers and it would only stop functioning once the music stopped playing at the end of each night. The animatronic has now turned on and is slowly searching for any children in the area to 'entertain'. The animatronic has heat sensors and it's trying to track down Keith.


While the Pre-Rendered cutscene plays the 'Lenny the Lion' low-poly AI NPC will spawn, ready to attack/interact with the player.

*Two of the arcade machines fall over with a loud bang*

Lenny: 'Heya children!! it's a great day to be a lion! are you having a great t-t-t-time? I'm having so much f-f-fun playing with you! all you young kiddies are looking tasty-terrific! Don't forget to eat your kids-eat your burgers kids and drink up up u-sodaaaaaaaaaaa. I'm coming for youuuuu hahahaha rawrrrrrrrrr are you over there? are you over here? let me eat you-eat your food kids-food kids-eat kids kids. FHDURJTIVODLMSENWUAXCNESWERJ.

Keith: 'What the fuck?! what is that? there can't be more of those things-'

Lenny: 'You're not around this corner! maybe the next one? NOOOOOOOOO-ope not there! h-h-h-here comes the lion! It's party time pa-pa-party time f-f-f-un times-s-kill the-keep safe kiddies-k-k-kill.

NEW OBJECTIVE: Don't let the animatronic find you.

The player needs to go to the Tunnel Corridor door to find Thomas. The door is locked, with Lenny close behind, the player must find the keys



✖ If the slow NPC reaches the player before they can stop the music then a matinee sequence will play of the animatronic grabbing the player violently asking

them if they want a hug. Then it hugs Keith, crushing him to death. (The player must enter the close range trigger volume around the NPC)


✖ If the player succeeds in turning off the music before the npc reaches them then the animatronic will stop moving wherever it is

(consider possible issues of npc blocking the player's path) and will remain motionless until the music turns on again.


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