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[A] Paddy Boite


Concept Art

Modelling Progression

Character Details

'Paddy Boite' is a Jack-In-The-Box animatronic (Boite is French for 'Box'). When the warehouse was open, Paddy's act would be to jump out of his box and scare the children that walked past, then he'd laugh and interact with them. He's going to have a clothing style of French and Irish. The box will have a design on it with 'PADDY BOiTE' written on the front with some 1980's children designs: an Irish design or a French design? a Shamrock? The box will have a handle on the side to turn but this doesn't move, it's a fake handle. When the player comes near the box Paddy will jump out and scare them, his Jaw will be unhinged and he will bounce a few times.. then his head will snap off to the side and finally after he bounces a few more times his head will fall off onto the ground.

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