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[A] Leon the Lion


Concept Art

Modelling Progression

Character Detail 'Leon the Lion' was originally the solo animatronic for the warehouse and the old face for the logo of Wacko Warehouse when it first opened back in 198. Leon was the first version of the lion animatronic mascot for the company. It would roam around the main area of the warehouse. It had limited script, a faulty speech box, tight movement, would regularly malfunction and needed constant maintenance. Only 1 month after the release of 'Leon' there was an incident involving one of the children. Leon began to malfunction on the spot and his speech patterns were mixing up, creating sentences which caught one of the children's attention.. who happened to escape his mothers sight. The animatronic then 'lured' the child out of the main area with the malfunctioning sentences he was piecing together and both the child and Leon walked into an unfinished room meant to open in 2 weeks after it was finished being built (Which would later become the 'Mirror Room'). The room was full of mirrors, broken glass, wires and other equipment, the animatronic then began to lag and the mechanics went haywire.. Leon began to move erratically and no one really knows the extent of what happened but the child was found dead 2 days later covered in wounds and with a broken arm, fractured collarbone and 4 broken ribs. The owner of WW was so proud of his first animatronic that despite the incident.. he kept it. Now it's left in a room at the back of the warehouse with a bunch of other broken kids toys and arcade machines.

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