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[H] Archer Mizen & Loretta Margaret Kingson


Name: Archer Keith Mizen

DOB: 16th September 1960

DOD: n/a

Age: 39

Hair Colour: Near-Black Brown

Eye Colour: Grey/Blue

Skin Colour: Fair

Ethnicity: English Features: Wears Glasses

Height: 6'0

Weight: 11st


Name: Loretta Margaret Kingson

DOB: 16th September 1964

DOD: ??? 1991

Age: 27

Hair Colour: Ginger

Eye Colour: Green

Skin Colour: Fair

Ethnicity: Swedish/English Features: Excess Freckles

Height: 5'7

Weight: 8st


Archer | Keith

Archer told Keith that Loretta killed herself after leaving a suicide note explaining how she couldn't cope with living anymore. This was a lie.

On a dark night in

Archer | Loretta Margaret Kingson

Archer used to be spontaneous, confident and kind before Keith was born. The birth of Keith birthed Archer's downfall.

Archer | Thomas Rowan

Archer has met Thomas on 3 separate occasions, all of which ended badly.



Concept Art

Modelling Progress


.Trivia . > The last name 'Mizen' comes from a boy who was murdered named 'Jimmy Mizen'

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