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[H] Keith Mizen


Name: Keith Mizen

DOB: 07th April 1980


Age: 19

Hair Colour: Ginger

Eye Colour: Yellow-Green-Light Brown

Skin Colour: Pale

Ethnicity: English Features: Heavily Freckled / Noticeable Scars on Arms/Torso/Shoulders

Height: 5'8

Weight: 9st



Concept Art

Modelling Progression


Keith | Thomas Rowan

Keith and Thomas have loved each other since the beginning of their friendship, but their lifestyles and everyone around them disapproves.

Keith | Archer Mizen

Keith and his father have a perversely toxic relationship, but it wasn't always that way. Since the apparent suicide of Keith's mother, Loretta, when he was 10 years old, the relationship between father and son crashed and burned.

Keith | Jodie Jane Clarke

After the incident with Wacko Warehouse, Jodie lost her son Tom, she believes that Keith did nothing to save him and only saved himself since he was the only survivor in addition to the allegations of attempted murder and arson that were attached to him. At the time they bumped into each other, Jodie was out shopping and saw Keith in an alley, because he dyed his hair black and wore Thomas' clothes she thought it was her son. She ran to him and grabbed him but Keith turned around and punched her out of natural reflex. She was lying on the floor in shock and noticed that it was actually Keith. Jodie - 'I'd recognise that dirty face anywhere (meaning his freckles).. what are you doing dressing up as our Tom?! you're disgusting' Keith - 'Don't dare say his name'

Jodie - 'YOU'RE THE ONE WHO KILLED HIM!! YOU'RE WHY HE'S GONE' Keith - 'I DIDN'T FUCKIN KILL HIM' ... *begins to laugh* Jodie - 'You're a sick, twisted queer, I wish your whore of a mother swallowed ya' Keith - 'Y'know it's beautiful to watch you lyin' there talkin' like y'ever gave a shit. I'm glad he'll never have to see y'face again' Jodie - 'I'd kill ya meself if it weren't for our Tess. Pray you don't see me again, you've got it comin' Mizen'


.Trivia . > The last name 'Mizen' comes from a boy who was murdered named 'Jimmy Mizen'

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