KILLING STALKING took the internet by storm back in 2O17 when it was first released on the Korean Comic platform LEZHIN COMICS by author KOOGI.


It's the heart-wrenching story of two broken souls.. A young-adult named Yoon Bum has Borderline-Personality Disorder. He's about to illegally enter a house of a charismatic, popular young-man he's been stalking named Oh Sangwoo. Bum finds more than he was looking for when he's led to the basement by a strange noise. 

With it's increasing popularity in a short time, KOOGI and LEZHIN teamed up to host a fan event in 2O17 for the Killing Stalking readers.

mOss [FKA onlyoneking_12] had already started working on a 2D animation dedication for the manhwa and decided to finish a shorter, alternative version to enter into the competition. He livestreamed his progress of over 1OO hours on YouTube, a voice actor KUYALAW VA offered to lend his voice for the contest entry animation, he incredibly voiced both the deeper, confident Sangwoo and the higher, insecure Yoon Bum. After many sleepless days and nights and with the support of the watchers he was chosen by KOOGI to win first place. The prize was a piece of artwork from KOOGI herself signed to the winner. Shortly after, the animation and his YouTube channel were terminated for violating community guidelines. 



To all #KillingStalking fans!
We want to thank our readers for making Killing Stalking such a success! In return, we are working with Koogi to create a special Killing Stalking episode for our readers where you can win free coins and more! Koogi will be selecting the grand prize winner so send us your fan art, fan fic, cosplay, videos, and crafts. Koogi will also be answering your questions for a Q&A, so send us those questions you’ve been dying to ask about Koogi and Killing Stalking!

Killing Stalking Fan Event

Killing Stalking has ended, Koogi finished writing the manhwa.
The 2D animation was never finished but mOss returned to twitter to announce his return.

chAosOPUS STUDIO started PROJECT CAEDIS after being inspired by Koogi's prodigious characters and their incredible story. We don't know how far this is going to go or where it will end but with an ambitious team and Koogi's blessing we intend to make something incredible you'll find hard to watch.


8 weeks into production of the animated series mOss released an animated Teaser for the series on YouTube. Within days it received 200,000+ views and a huge following found the project out of nowhere.

With 11,000+ followers on Twitter overnight there are now more questions than answers, unauthorised re-uploading all over the internet, angry fans and a lot of misinformation, misconception and multi-language confusion.

On the [UPDATES] page of the site 'Update #OO5' will answer most of the questions that have been asked.

 * [UPDATES] page has been removed as of 12/2O2O



35 weeks into production of 'killing STALKING: The Animated Series'

4 Teasers have been released and an Episode .O1 Reference Video preview.

There is now a small team of 3: mOss | KERN4L-P4NIC | Kwonicler
with Jaime Rodriguez animating the first 30 seconds of Episode .O1

There are 11 environments to be modelled, 40+ human characters to be modelled,

19 character roles to be filled by voice actors and over 100 storyboard panels to be drawn.

Stay Tuned ~



It's been almost a year since production began.

Now the team consists of:

mOss | director

Marcos Tomlinson | associate producer

KERN4L-P4NIC | storyboard artist

kadaver | 3D artist

Kwonicler | series translator